3 Mistakes Most Women Make When Wearing Perfume— And How To Fix Them 

3 Mistakes Most Women Make When Wearing Perfume— And How To Fix Them 

We all think wearing perfume is easy. A little spritz here, spray spray and we’re done! But at SUKKA we believe wearing perfume requires a little more effort. 

Did you know that the way you wear perfume depends entirely on your environment, the weather and the clothes you have on! Interesting right? Yeah we thought so too!

Advice like spraying it on your wrist then rubbing it together, oh goodness! Bad Bad Bad advice! And the sales assistant that told you to buy a bigger bottle to last the whole year.

Fear not girlfriend, we’ve got you. You just have to make a few simple tweaks to these habits to set yourself on the right track to get the most out of your perfumes!

  1. Never rub. Never-ever-rub your perfume together. It’s almost like a biological reflex us women have. We spray some on our wrist, dab them together and reach for our necks. I don’t know where we picked this unconscious habit but it’s a bad one and we need to break it! The friction created by rubbing or dabbing heats up the skin and changes the course of your perfume. The best way to preserve your beautiful perfume is to spray it on and let it sink into your skin. Just do nothing and enjoy the fresh scent evolving on its own!

  2. Haven’t we all heard, the best things in life come in small packages! Same goes with perfume. Precious as it is, the truth is, perfume has to be consumed at a certain pace. You’re wasting a lot of money keeping half used bottles of expensive perfume sitting on your shelves. Aesthetic value can come in the form of other art. Oxygen and heat breaks down the molecules and alters the composition of perfume. Our advice, stick to smaller sized bottles that can stay fresh for up to three months.

  3. Where you apply perfume matters the most. But it’s important to know that the weather and your clothing plays a big part in your perfume. Only apply to your pulse points if they’re exposed.Apple to your inner elbows if you’re wearing a short sleeve top. And if you’re in an intensely hot climate and you work outdoors, it's best not to apply perfume directly on your body at all. Because your sweat will destroy your perfume faster. Try spraying on your hair or headscarf (skirt even) as you move through the air, the scent will diffuse naturally.

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