5 COOL Hacks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer in Malaysia!

5 COOL Hacks to Make Your Perfume Last Longer in Malaysia!

We know how much you hate it when your perfume doesn’t last and the sweltering Malaysian heat leaves you feeling sweaty and gross. The good news is we’ve rounded 5 COOL tricks that will keep you smelling fresh no matter how many errands you have to run under the Malaysian sun. Trust us , we’ve put our theories to the steamiest test!

  1. COOL Your Scents- Yes! Store them in the fridge (that is if you don't have one of those cool beauty fridges already) This is a genius tip we picked up and were loving it! Our Malaysian weather can get really humid and storing it in the fridge helps preserve the strength and quality. Try it, your perfume will last much longer on your skin and the bonus : you will feel chilly and amazing when you spray it on!

  2. Choose COOL Scents-When selecting a scent for a hot day, pick a perfume that has either citrus, green fruits or watery florals. These super cool beach vibe scents have a strong trail which means people will get a whiff of the goodness as you walk by! Sharing is caring *wink*

  3. COOL Down- I know is seems a bit of an old wives tale, but its true. You need to stay hydrated not only for good skin but for your perfume to smell better. Dry skin doesn’t hold perfume well, so make sure your skin is hydrated and moisturized before applying your scents!

  4. Spray your hair - Yes, I know it sounds a little crazy but it works! Hair carries perfume the best! It also creates a beautiful sillage, which is the scented trail left by the perfume wearer. If you’re wary, spray on your hair brush and brush your strands! A nominal amount for phenomenal results!

  5. Keep a 2-item Touch Up Kit - Another great tip from girls who are always on the go. Always have wet wipes (they are everywhere now) and a small bottle of your favourite scent (35ml max) in your bag. When you’ve had enough of the heat and you feel like you’re crossing into the stinky zone, pause, clean up with wet wipes first then reapply your scent on your pulse points! Try these tips and thank us later!

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