Choose a Fragrance to Suit Every Occasion

Choose a Fragrance to Suit Every Occasion

Things are looking up for us and maybe next year will be a lot more normal. Here at SUKKA we can’t wait to make all those overdue catch ups a fragrant one. Read on to find some great tips on how to pair your scent with your social calendar.

What to spray for Saturday Brunch?
Soft florals definitely! It’s perfect for warm days and those cute cafe brunches with your besties. Our scent Rosey The Rebel has a modern twist on the traditional rose. Giving you the perfect brunch punch!

What to spray for lunch and midday high teas?
Fresh citrus notes are the most energetic fragrances for midday catch ups.It’s even perfect for outdoor gatherings and BBQs. Our scent High Tea At The Ritz complements the warm weather here and will keep you fresh throughout. It’s crisp and green floral notes have the perfect joyful combination to bring out the best in you (even if the weather doesn't!)

What to spray for weekend dinners?
The sun has set and the week is over. Even though we’re not always up for high energy partying, a great scent combination like SUKKA's Luminary is the perfect compliment for a wonderful night out. It’s exotic and feminine and features a unique combination of earthy base notes and sweet florals. 


There you go! 3 scents perfect for 3 different occasions. But we know - 3 isn't enough. Your scent needs to radiate your current mood and feel. Plus, you gotta switch em up!

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