I Started Wearing Perfume to Bed! Here’s Why You Should Too

I Started Wearing Perfume to Bed! Here’s Why You Should Too

For many years I have been seriously enamoured with perfume. Out of all my complex beauty products and rituals, I find perfume the most rewarding.

It started back in college when I was gifted a bottle of perfume. I loved the floral notes and immediately wanted to smell like it all day. When the bottle was about to finish, I went out and wanted to get myself another but went crazy and came home with three different bottles. From then on my glowing collection of vials started to grow.

And if that wasn't enough proof that I was a fragrance die hard, I’d show up to my college classes everyday with a different scent. Leaving a generous trail for my course mates to whiff. For parties, I’d spray some in my hair and for work I'd apply it on my pulse points to last me throughout the day.

I was sure I knew every tip and hack about perfume until one summer evening when I was studying late at my friend's house and I noticed how great her mom smelled even though she was in pyjamas and was on the way to bed.

Shocked that her mom wore an expensive bottle of perfume to bed, I started researching and was surprised to learn that wearing perfume to sleep was a thing.

How could I have missed this? 

So that night, after my shower, I spritzed on some of my most soothing floral perfume and went to bed.

Not only did I have the most restful 8 hours of sleep but when I woke up it was the first thing that I smelled. Yes, the scent had faded from my skin, but it lingered on my sheets and pillows in the most pleasant way. Waking up made me feel quite elegant too.

I now have a few specific scents reserved for sleep. I try to keep things natural and find that vanilla based perfumes help me sleep peacefully and wake up well rested!

Try the tip our and let us know how you feel ;)

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