The Perfect Gift For Your Bestie— even if you almost forgot!

The Perfect Gift For Your Bestie— even if you almost forgot!

It’s your best friend's birthday, another panic-bought gift. Not this year.

While any gift is always appreciated (bless our BFFs), we’re thinking slightly outside the box this year and giving her an experience, rather than just a product. But that’s not to say we’re steering away from the joys of a tangible gift.

If you’re yet to discover SUKKA, here’s your need-to-know: SUKKA is a brand that prides itself on creating unique perfumes with personalities. However, quirky, quiet, fun, energetic or down to earth you are. We have a scent that both you and your bestie will like. It doesn’t have to be something she usually wears. It could be something she’s always wanted to try (something exotic perhaps) or you could get matching scents for the both of you (loving this!). The possibilities are endless.

With our easy to read descriptions that speak your lingo, practical packaging, easy application and flattering notes that suit our climate, SUKKA aims to celebrate the beauty of connection with scent.

SUKKA perfumes are available in 30ml bottles for RM127. Click here to check out the available scents!