Come ber-SUKKA Ria With Us!

Hey YOU! Are you someone who wants to get paid to have fun?

Look no further. 

It doesn’t matter which planet you’re from - if you are a fun-loving, smart-working individual who wants to build a career that turns you into a future successful entrepreneur, then SUKKA is the place for you! 

Working at SUKKA provides you the thrill of working in a successful startup and the good news is - we’re only getting bigger everyday!

Why Work at SUKKA?

Good question! Let us take you through a few points why you would SUKKA us. 

Rockstar Salary

Let’s cut to the chase. SUKKA provides a fair and competitive wage for part time students - RM100/day!

We Celebrate Everyone’s Strengths

SUKKA believes everyone has different strengths and ways to contribute. We want you to do what you’re good at! 

Are you good at talking to customers and making sales? Good. You do that!
Introvert but good with numbers? Awesome! You can help us grow the business behind the scenes! 

Love TikTok? Perfect! Come to work and grow our TikTok! and keep improving until you level up into an expert.

Fun Working Environment

SUKKA aims to create a fun environment where work = play for everyone in our company. We celebrate individuality and want you to bring all you’ve got to the table!

Fun fact: The founding team of SUKKA is composed of 3 individuals from very different lives outside this business! 

Cool Incentives

SUKKA thrives on achievements. We want to reward our SUKKA tribe from time to time for their outstanding performances. 

Imagine getting the newest iPhone for hitting the highest sales, or a free Airbnb staycation for going above and beyond your KPI.

Get Ready To Be Out Of Your Comfy Zone

SUKKA is fun, yes. But that doesn't mean it’s always easy. In fact, the challenges are what makes working at SUKKA thrilling.

Imagine being at a different workplace in the future and someone asks you, “Wow you’re really good at solving this issue!”
And you say, “Thanks! I faced something similar while at SUKKA”

THE Place For College Students

You know that one place where most students love to work at because the work is fun, your friends are your co-workers, and you earn real money? Yup, SUKKA is the place.

Check Out The Available Positions!

SUKKA Brand Ambassador

SUKKA Intern Of The Year